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Children initially learn to move through a prolonged period of exploration and experimentation. This process develops their bodies and their brains, and imprints the basic coordinations they need to function fully in life. For most children this process happens spontaneously and autonomously.

Some children are unable to complete this process independently for either neurological, psychological, or physical reasons This can result in them not achieving fundamental developmental milestones such as rolling, crawling, sitting, and walking, or in milder instances it can result in the child feeling unable to participate wholeheartedly in demanding physical activites, or activities requiring fine motor coordination.

In all of these cases the childs self image, and sense of their own possibilities is limited, usually unneccessarily.


The Feldenkrais Method® emulates the original organic learning process, but in a more intensified and structured way, by providing the child's nervous system with the necessary sensory motor input he/she had been unable to discover independently. The practitioner directly delivers sensory motor input to the child through hands on movement, and then creates circumstances that encourage the child to access, integrate, and apply the new information.

Anat Baniel Method for Children

Through this process, as in all organic learning, the child �s system receives the necessary information , or building blocks they need to discover more of their own movement possibilities, but the real learning takes place through their own process of integration, exploration, and discovery, rather than through the external imposition of particular movements or postures learned by rote.

One advantage of this type of learning is that while improving their overall sensory motor skills, brain function, and self image they are also �learning how to learn'.

Our son James was having difficulty with small motor skills like writing--he simply felt uncomfortable-and also with larger skills, like running... In working with Sharon, he not only got looser so that he could move more fluidly and feel less aches and pains, but he also gained the confidence to realize that he could work with his body to get it to do new movements...