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What is the Feldenkrais Method?
Our bodies love to move-they yearn to move. Watch a cat stretch in the sun or children skip, laugh, and run down the street.

Our bodies are made to feel and take pleasure in movement, but most of us, due to imperfect learning and the constraints of daily life-walking on pavement, sitting at desks, or keeping our eyes fixed at a static distance- have lost or limited this inherent source of satisfaction.

The Feldenkrais Method can help you rediscover this natural and essential source of expression, communication, and interaction with the world.

Who is Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais?
Moshe Feldenkrais, D. Sc. (1904-1984), trained as an engineer and physicist at the Sorbonne in Paris, and was one of the first Europeans to receive a blackbelt in Judo. After suffering a debilitating and seemingly permanent knee injury he began to develop his remarkably effective method of neuromuscular reeducation.
The Feldenkrais Method represents a unique convergence of Western science with martial arts and the ideas of Eastern philosophy, particularly the study of attention and awareness.

How can we use awareness and directed attention to change our movement? In answer to that question, Feldenkrais developed thousands of simple and effective lessons that can immediately release ingrained, limiting, and often painful habits of movement and perception.

Awareness Through Movement®
These are group classes, done usually while lying on a padded floor, comfortably clothed. Your teacher will verbally guide you through a series of gentle movements designed to reduce extraneous muscular tension while enabling you to recover or discover your own natural grace, precision, and power. Your wish for greater ease and your attention is all that is required. Click here to read client testimonials about group classes.

Functional Integration®
In these private sessions you will be lying down comfortably clothed on a low, padded table. Through gentle, supportive, and precise movements the practitioner will help you regain flexibility, coordination, and freedom in movement. These lessons are custom-tailored to your individual structure, personality, lifestyle, and wishes.

Click here to read the article from the Brooklyn Paper about the Feldenkrais Method.

In Moshe Feldenkrais I have met someone who has studied the body in movement with a precision that I have found nowhere else. For him the body is one whole. He has perfected thousands of lessons of exceptional value.

Peter Brook
Actor and Director



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