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  • Do you feel you have physical or technical limitations that prevent you from
    performing at your best?
  • Does fear or stage fright sometimes tighten you up in ways that
    prevent you from shining?
  • Do you ever have the feeling that you could do or be more?
  • Do you feel limited by injuries or structural imbalances?
  • Are there nuances of expression that elude you in your art form?
  • Do you experience large gaps between what you imagine and intend,
    and what you produce?

You have probably spent years developing and refining a craft you love, and that you have enormous skill and talent in. Yet unconscious habits, of movement, posture, breathing, and attention can undermine your concious intentions and prevent you from expressing and fulfilling your aspirations.

You may have been trying to solve these difficulties on your own for many years, with unreliable and inconsistent results.

There are solutions. One solution comes in the form of neuromuscular education, or reeducation, known as the Feldenkrais Method®. With it you learn, through gentle movements of your body and your attention what it is you are doing that prevents you from experiencing greater satisfaction and confidence, in your art form. Most importantly, it gives you the tools you need to improve the technical, emotional, physical and mental aspects of your work.

I feel more whole...The integration of my many disparate parts has culminated in a freedom of expression and an openness that every actor searches for. Thanks to you and to the Feldenkrais Method.

Duvall O'Steen
Actress / NYC

I am amazed as how much my body has changed, more flexible, more efficient, more capable. All at a time
when I had been beginning to feel that my best dancing was behind me. What a joy to be set on the road to freedom. Thank you so very much.

Virginia Johnson,
former Principal Dancer
Dance Theater of Harlem

Any sort of illness or injury or postural imbalances will impact on the beauty of tone and ease of artistic expression in singing. As habits of movement are changed through Feldenkrais work, the natural beauty of the voice can emerge effortlessly.

Carol McAmis
voice professor in the School of Music
at Ithaca College

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